Scott & Sharon MacLean
Serving with CrossWorld in Northern Italy


Life in Italy

August Vacation

The month of August - particularly the central two weeks of the month, is time for vacation in Italy.  It seems that other than in the typical vacation spots, Italy is mostly deserted.

The high point of the vacation season is August 15, the day when the Roman Catholic Church celebrates Mary's bodily assumption into heaven.  Many factories and other places of business close for that week and often one or two more weeks around that.  The employees must take that as part of their vacation time.

That means that any vacation spot will be crowded and expensive at that time.  Hence we usually try to take any vacation in June or early September to avoid the crowds and save money too.  This has the side advantage of staying in Milan in August.

Milan in August is actually rather peaceful.  The pace of life slows down and the streets are must less busy and crazy.  It is even easy to find a parking place!  The downside is that if you want to go out to eat, you may have trouble finding a restaurant that is open.  And you can forget about getting anything done - whether it be government paperwork or getting a utility or phone service turned on.  With everyone out of town, there is no one left to do the work.